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Kairos offers spiritual direction and programs to help people in the Inland Empire of Southern California deepen their personal relationship with God through a variety of spiritual practices. People of any faith tradition can enhance their spiritual journey.

Student comments about their experience at Kairos.

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Spiritual Exploration class begins in Redlands September, 2008

A time to explore your personal spiritual life and
enrich your relationship with God by recognizing the ways God is present.


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Do you feel something is missing in your life? Are you searching for your purpose and meaning? Are you ready to walk down your own spiritual path?

The Spiritual Exploration class and Spiritual Direction will help you explore your spirituality and change your life. As one student explained:

"In Kairos I gradually came to discover a welcome and loving relief…by being gently taught how to honor silence, tears, painful memories, my inner voice, soul longings, bodily stresses, limitations, fears, joys, and dreams. I was exposed to a seemingly endless variety of spiritual exercises, readings and poetry from classical and contemporary authors under the guided solace of spiritual direction. Before long the healing began. It started to show; first through the eyes of others, then to me. There is no denying that I am not the same person after time spent in Kairos. My sense of purpose for living and loving God, myself, and others has been renewed and revitalized beyond expectation." Read entire testimonial...

Sharing your personal experiences in a small group class or in individual direction will greatly enhance your spiritual journey. You will be encouraged to regularly engage in spiritual practices that work for you individually. Through these spiritual practices, you will deepen your relationship with God and begin to notice God's presence in your life. When you are connected spiritually, you can find your purpose, peace and wholeness. Kairos enhances individual spirituality from which compassion flows.

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